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Special thanks to our founding partner

and all of our other incredible partners...


Corita Art Center would like to thank the following individuals for their unwavering support.

Julie Ault
Historian and Artist
Lisa Congdon
Artist. Owner, Lisa Congdon Art and Illustration
Lenore Dowling, IHM
Immaculate Heart Member. Community Organizer
Ana Dziengel
Arts Educator.  Owner, Babble Dabble Do
Alison Hoeven
Board of Directors, Orange County Musuem of Art
Pam Hoff
Family member of Corita Kent
Stacey Hoff
Family member of Corita Kent
Dori King
Coordinator, Folks of Color in Schools
David Leslie
Executive Director, Rothko Chapel
Mickey Myers
Artist. Former Assistant of Corita Kent
Kathryn Wollan
Historic Preservationist. Co- Founder, Clear Health Analytics