November 18, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Wednesday, November 20th has been named #CoritaDayinLA. The honor falls on what would have been Corita Kent’s 101st birthday. Throughout Corita’s 100th year, we have ramped up our efforts to grow Corita’s legacy and introduce her to a new generation, both in Los Angeles and around the world. In that spirit, we want to honor her on Corita Day with an online celebration—or in 1960s terms, “a happening”—that will share her art and message of hope, love, and justice with an even wider audience.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Corita, we hope you celebrate Corita Day by getting to know this inspiring artist and educator: read her bio, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter!

If you are already well acquainted, we hope you will join our online “happening” and share Corita’s artwork, story, or teachings via social media on November 20th. We invite you to create your own artwork if you desire, but we also have a few sample posts here. Thank you for being a part of Corita’s legacy!