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July Special at The Corita Art Center

Critics frequently described Corita's later works as being simpler than her earlier prints. Corita believed they were actually more complex, resulting from the entirety of all the work and all the life that had come before. Within us hints at both the evolution of her work and the evolution of her life.

72-01 • within us • 1972 23” X 23”
We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.
Sir Thomas Browne

Made in 1972, within us demonstrates Corita's expert placement of disparate items on a page in perfect balance and harmony. It incorporates her use of photography, watercolor and words written in her distinctive hand. Symbolically, its bright trails of color bursting across the stark black and white suggest God's post-diluvial promise to Noah in the sign of a rainbow. This echoes a much earlier print, red sea (1959) whose red lettering through waves of black alludes to the escape of the Israelites.

Corita's own journey might be interpreted in this shock of color floating over the dark – her transition from vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to an independent life in Boston; her shedding a prescribed religious practice for her own reflective, internalization of God. In Corita's own words: maybe God is what we aim for in the very best part of us.

In "You Are God And You Are Not," a talk Corita gave a few years after making this print, she explains it thus:

All our experiences -- sad or happy, hard or easy -- they are the stuff out of which we all create. And in the creation or making or the experience of a made thing, it is God we're looking for. But God is already in us and around us. We can't be un-God, we only feel from time to time we are. There is only the feeling of being limited and stretching toward the unlimited, which is our home.

This July, we offer you within us (regularly $720) for the special price of $600.

within us, 1972 • 23" X 23"

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